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Gresham expand regulatory data quality offering in North America

Gresham has announced the acquisition of Inforalgo Information Technology, a leading provider of software solutions to the global financial services markets. The acquisition brings £1.2m of new ARR, 30 capital markets customers, and over 150 indirect customers. Inforalgo provides software that automates the control and submission of accurate financial transaction data to regulators, with a particular focus on North American markets.

Kestrel Insights
Gresham has a strong track record of identifying, acquiring and integrating niche software businesses that complement the Clareti proposition, starting with C24 and followed by B2. This acquisition expands Gresham’s presence and product offerings in the regulatory data quality market – an area where we are seeing regulatory bodies clamping down on the inaccurate submission of data. An example is the Consolidated Audit Trail requirements, commissioned by the SEC to better track trading activity and increase transparency. Now submission of data is better understood, the focus is turning to the quality of that data. The acquisition complements the Clareti offering well and we believe regulatory market pressure on financial firms should allow Gresham to capitalize on that change.


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