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Access Intelligence shows impressive growth from Pulsar acquisition

Access Intelligence (a SaaS platform for marketing and communication industries) reported results for the 6 months to July 2020. The key value driver of recurring revenue, grew by 12% during the period. Notably, this included a maiden contribution from Pulsar, the social media listening platform acquired in October 2019.

Kestrel Insight
Social media is used by over half the world’s population and usage is growing at 10% annually. Importantly social media delivers an engaged, responsive audience with 88% of users actively contributing, making it an excellent source from which to assess public opinion.

Pulsar provides its customers with a proprietary social media analytics platform which enables them to understand the most pertinent issues affecting target markets. Using this knowledge, customers are then able to assess the success of their marketing campaigns in real time and adjust the messaging, content or distribution accordingly. We view Pulsar as a transformative acquisition for Access, completing the last key pillar of their SaaS platform and accelerating distribution of their product globally.


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